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Really Hot Yoga

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Really Hot Yoga

Depending on your age, you might have no idea what who the main character in this comic is.
And unless Street fighter is suddenly re-released as a Minecraft or Grand Theft Auto mod, it just won’t be super-cool with the new generation of gamers.

But if you know who Dhalsim is, then feel free to sit smugly back in the knowledge that you get the joke and the Gen-Yers don’t



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I have often wondered just how difficult it is to make some of those “random” and “impromptu” videos we see on youtube.
Sure, they seem like a case of right place and right time. But some of them also seem just a little too staged.

Personally, I like to believe there is a crack team of highly trained cinematography geniuses, who are extremely adept at making movies that look home-made, who roam the world creating these things.

But maybe I am the only one that thinks that?