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I know people who spend more time on their social networks than they do with their kids.

I can already imagine the psychologists and therapists that are wringing their hands in delight at the thought of this.
Very soon, there will be people who need help to get over their abandondment issues caused directly by the lack of attention they are recieving right now.

But you need to face facts here – Being popular on a social network is a full time job. If you are serious about it, you gotta put in the hours.
The internet gods know this, which is why games exist. Then the kids can be kept occupied killing imaginary things, or doing challenges that they will never need to replicate, while the adults talk to people that are not actually there.

See how life just sort of works out evenly?

The Fun Circles

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Google+ is here.
And it has circles. Circles for you to put groups of people into.

Despite all the other debate that G+ (that is what the cool kids like me call it) has spurned, I am here to help out with something that I feel is really truly important – naming the circles so they mean something to the user.

Sure, Google+ offers some default circle names to start you off, but you want these groups to really mean something to you. Right?
So get creative and make names that work for you. Use titles that will help you remember who is in the circle.

And above all, just enjoy it.

Offline Google+ Circles

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Do you love Google+ so much that you want it to be MORE than just online?
Do you believe that life will be so much easier to manage if you can have things other than just people organised into circles?
Then you are in the right place!

Amazing advances in technology mean that you can now take circles OFFLINE!!
Go and get some right now! 

Simply put these stickers on whatever you want, and write a circle name on them and Voila!
You get all the fun of grouping stuff into circles ANYWHERE!

  •  3 circles included in each pack
  •  Individual circles are about 30mm each
  •  No internet connection required!

TIP – Buy 6 at a time to increase your fun.
Oh, and to get a 50% discount as well

All your plus are belong to us

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I am on the bandwagon. Officially.
I have begun using Google Plus – and so far, I am really liking it.

Rather than going on about my impressions of it, likes, dislikes, etc, I thought I would just post this picture I made especially for one of my first posts on Plus. It was an idea that was inspired by a comment from Phil Kingham.

If you do not get the joke/reference in this image, then you need to go here learn about “All your base are belong to us

All Your Plus Are Belong To Us

BTW – if you feel like following me over on Google Plus, go right ahead.  (The cool kids call it G+)