You are a Bad-ass Charlie Brown!

You are a Bad-ass Charlie Brown! published on

Ever wanted to see what your childhood comicstrip memories would look like, if all the characters had ended up in a post apocalyptic world?
Well, wonder no more, as I present to the following webcomic for you to delight in….

Weapon Brown –
Warning : this webcomic is for adults only, and many panels are not safe for work.

Weapon Brown
Weapon Brown is a parody of all the comic strips you read in the paper when you were growing up. Jason Yungbluth has taken these characters and set them loose in a desolate post-apocalyptic world.
Charlie Brown is now a cybernetic warrior who roams the lawless wasteland with his dog Snoop by his side.

All the characters you remember from the funny pages as a kid now have blood thirsty appetites, mutations and cybernetic parts.

The strip has a fantastically fun feel to it all, whilst still retaining a gritty, road warrior vibe.
As well as the fantastically detailed art, I had immense fun trying to see how many comic strip references and characters I could pick out. It’s like a pop-culture comic quiz jammed inside of a Mad-Max film.

Jason Yungbluth is the artist & writer for this strip and he produces a highly professional and refined piece of work.
The comic is fast paced, action packed and well illustrated. It is also quite a respectful tribute to the original comic characters while parodying them a the same time

Weapon Brown is part of Jason Yungbluth’s Deep Fried webcomic site, but it has proved to be so popular that it’s going to collected as a stand-alone graphic novel by the end of 2010. Start reading it from here, but be aware that you may have to jump a few of his other Deep fried strips before returning to the story.

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