Try these comics about comics

Try these comics about comics published on

This week, my two recommendations of what to check out are comics that are about comics.
Yeah, it’s a weird idea, ain’t it? Anyway, have a look and you may just find something new to enjoy.

Now get clicking, so you can check out:

Let’s be friends again

Lets be friends again is a comic about comics. That’s pretty much it. It’s not very complicated.
The strip is an irreverent gag-a-day style bucket of fun, with lots of inside jokes to keep the comic books nerds very happy.
It is written by Curt Franklin (who writes the words and can mostly spell alright) and drawn by the talented Chris Haley (who I suspect would like to be drawing more boobs)

Sam Zabel & The Magic Pen

Sam Zabel & The Magic Pen is a webcomic by Hickvile creator Dylan Horrocks. It tells the tale of Sam Zabel, who is a cartoonist struggling with anhedonia  (the absence of pleasure & joy) This has him greatly troubled and searching for the joy he once new.
The story shows great promise, so I suggest you read it from the start and I am sure you will want to stick with it and find out the fate of Sam.

Got a strip you think I should know about? Then leave me a comment below.