Satanists and the Thug life.

Satanists and the Thug life. published on

The comics I am recommending that you check out this week, are two Australian strips which are currently shown online and will soon be gathered into graphic novels.
Showing your art & story online before you publish is becoming a very common way to build a fan base for your printed graphic novel before it actually hits the shelves. It is smart marketing, if you ask me.

Now get clicking, so you can check out:


McBLACK is a graphic novel about the daily life of the thug, assassin, arsonist and small businessman Whiteface McBlack.
He used to be a private dick, but he gave it up in order to pursue on his true calling: murder, sabotage, theft and arson.

There’s shootings, stabbings, beheadings, machete attacks, hand grenades and exploding vehicles – so this is basically your standard slice of life drama….
Or, it would be a standard slice of life drama, if your daily life brought you into contact with mutant cyborg bikers, redneck triads, a wrestler-turned-monster-truck-dealer and a variety of other heavily armed freaks and weirdos.

This comic is presented online in a full page graphic novel layout, and has a fantastic dark, noir style feel to it’s art.
It is pencilled by the talented Jason Franks and the art is perfectly inked by Dave Gutierrez. You can get the McBlack graphic novel now, over at Black Glass Press.

The Sixsmiths

The Sixsmiths is a strip about an ordinary family of Satanists who have fallen on hard times.
They are your normal, everyday, suburban family. They go to work, go to school, buy groceries and attend church regularly. The only difference is that, when they go to church they worship Satan and cannot WAIT to experience the joy of living in Hell in the after-life. The Sixsmiths, this is one heckuva comedy and one helluva family.

The Sixsmiths is the work of J. Marc Schmidt and Jason Franks (yes him again).
Schmidts art style is wonderfully simplistic and clean, which allows the storylines to not be overshadowed by the art.

Schmidt is also the author of the graphic novels EGG STORY and EATING STEVE, available from Slave Labor Graphics.
The Sixsmiths is about to be released as a graphic novel later this year.

Got a strip you think I should know about? Then leave me a comment below.