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New strips to try published on

As I promised, I am once again going to point you in the direction of some online strips that I like.
I hope you like them too. Give them a chance and also let the creators know you like ’em by leaving them a comment. (only if you actually do, of course).

Now get clicking, so you can check out:

Mocktopus is a fantastic little strip that I am glad I found. Max Huffman is the creator of the strip, but is also a regular fifteen year old high school student. Or is he??
Max describes the strip as “an interspace comicbomb designed to delight and terrify”. It is a gag-a-day style strip, but with a few recurring characters from time to time.
Partly autobiographical and mostly just plain odd but hilarious. Personally, I really enjoy max’s art style as well.

Kiwi Blitz is a webcomic which chronicles the adventures of a couple of teenagers’ attempts to fight crime in the not-too-distant future. It’s a mix of anime, superheros, teen angsty stuff and it even has a giant robot Kiwi bird. Yes, you read that correctly.
The strip is created by Mary Cagle, and it has a clean, colourful and  expressive manga style. Although it is a fairly young strip, the story shows great promise, so read it from the start and I am sure you will want to stick with it.

Got a strip you think I should know about? Then leave me a comment below.