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You will know someone that suffers from this ailment.

It may be someone close to you- a family member or a good friend.
It may be a work colleague that you really only speak to when you need to borrow a stapler.
Maybe it is your neighbour or their kids.

Or maybe it is YOU.

If you suffer from SOCIONESIA, do not be ashamed. This disease is spreading in our community right now, and there is nothing we can do about it. Just embrace it.
The WHO Report 1996 stated that in the  past 20 years since it’s publication, at least 30 new diseases had emerged, for many of which there is no treatment, cure or vaccine, or the possibility of effective prevention or control.
At this time, the internet was still gaining popularity, so they would not have been able to factor in all of the “diseases” that a life lived online could bring.

A study posted last year points to a possible connection between Internet use and psychosis.
The affliction known as “internet addiction disorder” is fairly well known these days, and presents itself in a variety of ways.
And more disorders would most likely be discovered every week, I am guessing.

So, rather than getting all stressed out about this, I say we just go with it and see what happens.
Realise that the internet can seriously mess us up (something we should ALL be aware of by now) and that we need to support people we meet, who have a modern online disease.

Don’t get angry at the girl that cannot stop texting friends for even 5 minutes.
Never laugh at the man that thinks the images on women on dating sites are really what they look like.
Try not to shun friends that want to stay in on weekends to play MMORPGs.
Forgive the few that still use MySpace.

We are all just trying to swim upstream, through a download of electronic  information.