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Even though I grew up on Superhero comics, I have always had a soft spot for comics set in the Old West, for some reason.
This may be due to my father making me watch too many Clint Eastwood westerns when I was younger.
The two comics I am recommending this week, are humorous tales that are set in the Old West.

Now get clicking, so you can check out:

Reed Gunther

Reed Gunther
Reed Gunther is an all ages comic book set in the old west. There is a very small similarity to the old TV series “Gentle Ben”, as the main character Reed Gunther, travels with his best friend Sterling, who is a bear.
That is where the similarity ends though, as Reed & Sterling battle supernatural monsters, track down slimy villains and catch a runaway trains.

Created and produced by brothers Shane and Chris Houghton, this series is full of fun and excitement. The art is professional and captivating, while the storyline never fails to inject humor or kookiness without losing track of the excitement.

Breckinridge Elkins

Breckinridge Elkins

Breckinridge Elkins is a story originally created by Robert E. Howard, who is best known for the creation of Conan theBarbarian, and all of the heroic fantasy that followed it.
For many, Breckinridge Elkins is a fantastic introduction to all those who are unaware that Howard was anything other than “that Conan guy,” and it shows he was more than capable of creating a story with a humorous lighter touch.

“Mountain Man” is the first in the series, adapted and illustrated by Gary Chaloner himself and colored by Cayetano Garza.
As a big fan of Chaloner’s art style, I am thoroughly enjoying this webcomic adaptation of the story. Chaloner also posts his rough layouts of the strips too, which is a great resource for readers and comic artists to get a glimpse behind the curtain and see how these become the final finished pieces.

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