The Dilbert redux

The Dilbert redux published on 1 Comment on The Dilbert redux

This week, my comic recommendation is a bit different to what you might expect.
It involves taking an already existing strip, then changing the text to give it a whole different outcome and punchline.
Altering other strips to give a different result is not exactly a new idea, as it has been successfully done already in strips such as Garfield Minus Garfield.

However, the reason I am recommending strip below is that it takes the extremely popular strip ‘Dilbert‘, created by Scott Adams, and it gives it a brand new lease of life. I often enjoy these redux strips better than the original.


Dilbertte reflects office life better than Dilbert
Dilbertte takes the popular Dilbert comic strip and replaces the dialog, in an attempt to accentuate blandness and change the entire tone of the strip. This is by no means a bad thing. In fact, the end result can often end up being far funnier that the original strip.
For example, compare the strip above with the original one here.
Dilbertte purposely attempts to make some strips extremely bland and nonsensical, often leaving many readers scratching their heads. It really is the type of thing you have to just “get” and you must be able to revel in the stupidity of it all.
It is reduxed by Tom, who can be found lurking on twitter and posting things he should not, as @FiveThumbsDown. And just in case Scott Adams asks, we have no idea where Tom is….

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