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Just when you think that you have FINALLY had a little win, a client will let you know what else they need.

My all-time favourite scenario that I encountered when I was a designer, is as follows:

CLIENT: I am leaving the design totally in your hands. You are the expert, so you just work your magic.
I totally trust your design skills and will be happy for you to guide me as to what works best.

ME: OK. Great, I will get started right away.

* When the mockup is presented *

ME: So, what do you think?

CLIENT: I love it! Fantastic!
……but… move the logo over here, make it bigger, put that text down there, move those images over here and add borders & drop-shadows, that thing should be in red, not blue. Can we change the typeface to something else? Oh, and also change the background, and those bits at the bottom would look better at the top highlighted in star-bursts to make them pop.
Lets try that and see how it looks.
If I don’t like it, you can just change it back really easily anyway…

To all my compadres out there who still work in design of any kind – you are my heroes.