Disconnection published on 12 Comments on Disconnection

Another example of the generation gap in action.

As you grow up, you are exposed to technological changes almost unconsciously.
Sure, your parents may talk about their brand new appliance or electronic gadget, and you may also recall these occasions when you are older.

As you grow up, exposed to these technological advances, you become so accustomed to what they offer, that you assume that what you know is just how things should be.

By the time my children are adults, they will just take for granted things like wireless internet, cable/satellite TV, in-car navigation devices, social networking, blogging and mobile phones which are actually more personal computer than just a phone.

Already, when my son speaks on my iPhone, he looks at the screen, trying to see the person at the other end.
And why shouldn’t he? In a few years, video calling will be the norm, rather than the exception.

I think that is some ways, taking the current technology for granted is good for the children of today.
Let them get comfortable enough with it all, so that they focus on improving it and taking us even further along the path of modern technological marvels.

Yet, part of me also believes in the old adage “You don’t know where you are going if you don’t know where you have been”.

So, I am a little torn in exactly which side of the fence I sit on.
I will teach my children about what came before, in order for them to understand where they are, much better.

But overall, all I really want is for them to be safe and happy.
Oh, and a flying car, because traffic should be a thing of the past by now.