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Psycho Joe
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A few weeks ago, I posted a random doodle of Psycho Joe. He is a character that a friend & I created when I was in school.
Psycho Joe hates pretty much everything and everyone. He makes no apologies for anything he does and he has only one friend – his knife, “Chucky”.

I recently found this comic I drew many years ago, which I thought you fine people on the interwebz may like to see.
This was created back in my first year of university and would have probably been done in the very little time that exists between lectures & drinking.

I would like to think my drawing skills have improved greatly since this strip, but you be the judge. So, have a look and enjoy it just for what it is.

This is actually a fairly tame Psycho Joe comic. Others that were done by my friend & I, during our formative years at school, are much more offensive.
Not really sure I should post them, but I will if you want me to. Just leave me a comment & let me know.