Who is this guy?

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I like drawing.  ……..a lot.

My name is Scott Hampson. I am an illustrator and comic artist located in Brisbane, Australia.
I like drawing (as I may have already mentioned) and currently my comics often make fun of social media networks and internet culture in general.

This comics website is named after my twitter username @Agent_X.
See? Agent_X = Scott Hampson

To date, my comics have made fun of many things, including twitter, facebook, friendster, Google, science, Super Mario, Karate, fail whale, Pacman and Ronald McDonald.
But fear not! There are many more still waiting (such as dinosaurs, aliens & small fluffy puppies).

If you like what I have done, and want me to do up a little something special for you, feel free to contact me .
I am available for freelance and commission work.
You can also drop me a line just to tell me if you like my work.

If you are feeling chatty, you can also add comments onto my comics.

Please note – I like compliments. ……..a lot.


Sometimes you just can’t get online and then you can’t see my comics and laugh until milk comes out your nose.
So, for dire situations like that, I put my comics onto stuff that you can take home and cherish.
No internet connection needed to enjoy these bad boys!  Check them out!

These are some of the other places I hang out at when online:



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