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I was inspired to do this comic after seeing “A Christmas Carol” on TV, (played  too many times during Christmas Day), as well as the people moaning on twitter & facebook, about the crap presents they  recieved.

I imagined what it would be like if you got the Christmas presents you really wanted 15 or 20 years ago, but they only arrived today.
Even thought you really wanted them at the time, you would probably think they are the most crappy gifts ever now.
This is because advertising media tells you about a brand new something every day, that you really want, but did not know you wanted.

We all know that Christmas is a commercial holiday these days, just like Easter and Valentines Day.
Their original meanings are lost, obscured and obfuscated under piles of consumer messaging.

But if the thing you wanted was something that you REALLY wanted, you would still love it, even if it turned up many years later.
(Yes, I am thinking about you, Thundercats Electronic Cats Lair, and also you, GREEDO…. )

Personally, I really hate the pressure that I feel around the holidays. Specifically, the pressure to purchase gifts for others.
You are expected to get a little something for others (and a bigger something for your close family), regardless of your personal inclinations or budget restraints.
And when people say “I don’t want anything this year’ they very rarely mean it. Instead, they expect you to truly think about a great gift to give them. Trust me – If you take them at their word and don’t get a gift for them, prepare to go into hiding for the next 12 months.

Does anyone else feel the same way?


That is a very interesting thought. Sometimes the most unwanted gifts create the most fun memories too! My aunt always gives the most obscure gifts. This year she was on form and gave my husband a sponge and my dad reading glasses. I found these hilarious and had us laughing for ages after we left trying to find the meaning behind her gestures.

There may be a meaning, or she just wants to be talked about. Regardless, she gave my family something enjoyable to discuss sans politics, religion, refugees or why I don’t go to church on Christmas day.

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