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Don’t you hate it when you get your computer JUST right, and then you have to upgrade it?

I hope that in the future, when we change over to a new model, someone will have created a way to instantly copy over all of our personal settings, installed programs and the placement of our desktop icons.
The person that can create that will have, in my opinion, delivered the most valuable gift to human kind since computers were invented.

It is a very short post accompanying the comic this week, as I have been at  Supanova, meeting & talking with some awesome comic creators and I am pretty tired out. I also have a heap of comics to read, which I better get stuck into really soon.
I will also be doing some blog posts about the things I got up to, and my impressions of the Supanova event, over the coming days.
In case it matters, those posts will pretty much be a cosplay free zone, so stay tuned, if that sounds good to you.



Casper enables you to create a backup of your harddrive on a new harddrive, this backup is so that you can boot from it should your current computer crash, and you will still have all programs installed and ready for use.
You can also copy the harddrive to the new one in the new computer and you’d have all programs, settings and everything as if it was the same harddrive as the one stuck in your old computer.

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