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I have been using a service called Tweeterview ( which allows you to easily perform interviews via twitter. It is a free service which I encourage you to check out.

The victims subjects of these Tweeterviews are listed below and you can follow the links to see published transcripts. This list will be added to as more tweeterviews are completed.

DogEatDoug Tweeterview with Brian Anderson – creator of Dog Eat Doug.
Brian and I spoke about “Promoting webcomics with social media”.
Read the published tweeterview here

Spud Comics Tweeterview with Lonnie Easterling – creator of Spud Comics.
Lonnie and I spoke aboutSingle panel webcomics – challenges & benefits
Read the published tweeterview here
StaleBacon Kevin Coulston – co-creator of the comic series Stale Bacon.
Kevin and I spoke aboutAn approach to launching new webcomics“.
Read the published tweeterview here
imnotbob Robert Chandler – creator of the comic series Tuned Out Frequencies.
Robert and I discuss his experience withFrom webcomic to minicomic“.
Read the published tweeterview here
PaulWestover Paul Westover – illustrator for the comic series Woody After Hours.
Paul and I discuss his experiences with being new to the webcomics world.
Read the published tweeterview here
madscott Scott Gallatin – the creator of
Scott and I discuss his comics, podcasts and SpaceBat
Read the published tweeterview here
Spacepops Eliza – the creator of
Eliza and I discuss her comics and the six little kids that make it fun
Read the published tweeterview here
Artpatient Delos – who runs
discuss his webco mic review & asking the unpopular comic questions
Read the published tweeterview here
shermcohen Sherm Cohen – Cartoonist, Storyboard Artist & Character designer.
Sherm and I discuss Cartoons, classic comics & other fun stuff
Read the published tweeterview here
Savage_chickens Doug Savage – creator of
Doug and I discuss the Attack of the unstoppable chickens
Read the published tweeterview here
Ogdenstudios Steve Ogden – cartoonist, artist, writer & musician, from
Steve and I talked about Moon Town & Wishtales
Read the published tweeterview here
Daniel Davis – creator of the strip Monster Commute.
Daniel and I talked about being stuck on a monster highway with Steam Crow
Read the published tweeterview here
Ben Rankel creates the strip Three Panel Opera
Ben and I discuss the strip & random Wednesday drawings
Read the published tweeterview here
Ryan Claytor is a comics artist, creator of Elephant Eater, a self publisher and teacher
Ryan and I talked about how to eat an elephant
Read the published tweeterview here
Derek Benson creates art on a unique medium – LunchBags!
Derek and I discussed what drives him to make these awesome works of art.
Read the published tweeterview here

If you want to arrange a tweeterview with me,
send me a tweet – @agent_x


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