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“The Voice” is a worldwide hit show now.
But I feel it’s focus is far too mainstream in just focussing on singing. That is only one element of performance art.

I am waiting until the TV execs realise that they should be making versions of this show for the more marginalised and obscure artistic styles.
Such as Tap Dancing, Mime, Slam poets, May-Pole dancing or playing the spoons.

If any TV Execs are reading this, I have the treatments for these shows and so many more, all ready to go.
Imagine how rich you will get with TV shows such as:

  • Bashet (pronounced “bash-shay”) – It is Ballet, but in an MMA ring and inclues full contact fighting.
  • Pisso – Get a group of celebrities to drink as much alcohol as they can in a set time, to see who throws up first.
  • Poon Pong – A ping pong tournament, but using ladies from Thailand to serve the balls in the “special” way that only they know how.
  • Bing Ring – Contestants have to find a random image hidden on the internet using Bing. They are only provided clues through morse code, played on church bells.
Gotta go now. I had better sit in front of my emails and wait for the Contract offers to start rolling in…