Chat Roulette Champion

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Sometimes winning requires missing out…..

Since Chat Roulette is flavour of the month right now, I could not resist doing a comic about it.

It seems EVERYONE is talking about it. The media are all over it, trying to dissect it’s good and bad points.
Parodies are popping up all over the place, youtube videos of chat roulette pranks are being posted as fast as people can make them, and images form webcams are posted everywhere.

Three of my favourites so far are:

> Jon Stewart Goes On Chatroulette

> The eye vagina (safe for work)

> Cat Roulette

It is a novelty that many have tried out and quickly realised that the anonymity and randomness of the connections that you get can enable them to be free (sometime far too free, I think) with their thoughts and bodies.
If nudity offfends, then Chat Roulette is NOT the place for you to be.

In fact, if you can go for 6 rounds without seeing a penis or some boobs, then you are probably doing something wrong.

If you need to, go and check it out here.