Pacman On Twitter – redux

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I created the original comic of this joke nearly 11 years ago, so I thought it would be fun to do an updated version.
You can see the first one here – >> Pacman on Twitter


Cosplaymitment published on 2 Comments on Cosplaymitment

Sometimes cosplay does not go far enough.

I often thought to myself about how much fun it would be if people just dressed like fantasy characters as part of everyday life.
Then a few days ago, I saw this tweet from Joel Watson. It inspired me to create the comic above and to try to cement a brand new word into our language.

That word is “Cosplaymitment”.
As he has the only previous published reference to the word, Joel Watson becomes the creator of this new word. One which I hope will live long and prosper.

I want to see this new word taken to heart, and to hopefully see roving bands of anime characters walking down suburban streets on any old day of the week.
Just imagine getting pizza delivered by a Sasuke lookalike, or having the Guyver serve you at the petrol station.
You could see a blood elf serving you at the supermarket, or Pikachu fixing your car.

It may sound silly to you, but I think it would add so much more fun into our everyday lives. The japanese kind of already do this, in places like Harajuku, where on Sundays, people dressed in many differnt styles of clothing ,including cosplay, gather to spend the day socializing.
Google for Harajuku images and you will see what I mean. (or just click here, because I have done this for you already).

How much fun does that look like? It would be awesome. If it is anything like the Cosplayers at Comic conventions, then you would also find they are pretty open and happy to talk to anyone. It would be like a party everyday!

So, my challenge to you is this – Next time you have free dress / casual friday at work, take the plunge and really work that freedom to it’s upper limits.
Throw on your superhero costume or splinter cell outfit (yes, I know you have one…) and go to work.
It is sure to liven up the day and everyone will thank you.

Looking for a cool new online comics to read?
Well you are in luck, because I have two to recommend to you today! I really like the art in these comics and I hope you do to.

Go now, and check out:

Tinkers of the wasteland” by Rulo Trevino. (Just FYI – this link takes you to the start of the story)
And he has more excellent art here :

The Strange High House in the Mist” by Jason Thompson.

Pussy Envy

Pussy Envy published on 8 Comments on Pussy Envy

For some people, this is just a fact of life.

People follow cats, dogs, rabbits and all kinds of other animals on Twitter.
There are over 500 cat accounts alone.
And I ask simply, WHY?

Yes, I see the novelty factor, and I know people love their pets, but seriously people. Come on!
If you run one of these accounts, you need to take a good hard look at yourself.

And you readers are not blameless in this, after all, some of you FOLLOW these accounts.

Take a look at this article about 7 Cats On Twitter With More Followers Than You.
The most famous twitter cat of all, Sockington the cat (@sockington – no, I am not linking to it) has 1,526,663 followers when I wrote this post.
A list celebrities on twitter have fewer followers than that! No wonder people get depressed using social media.

It goes further too. There are special networking sites for pets, called “social petworks” (No, I did not just make that up. Go on, google it.)
And there are sites to even help your pets tweet without your help!

This is not good people. Do you not realise what is happening here? Can you not see where this is headed?
We are slowly, but surely, enabling the animals to take over as the dominant species of this planet.

I plead with you – Stop it all NOW, before it is far too late!! BEWARE THE ANIMAL UPRISING!!

If this post is being read by any animals, please take note that I am a hard worker, and am willing to use my influence over others to serve under your glorious reign, when that day comes. I was just writing this so the other stupid humans think I am on their side. Meow meow woof squeak forever.

By the way, yes, I am aware that this comic is provocatively titled. If you have found your way here by googling ‘pussy’ and are actually reading this sentence, then leave a comment below. Also, ask yourself why you have not yet figured out this is not a porn site and are still reading?

Chat Roulette Champion

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Sometimes winning requires missing out…..

Since Chat Roulette is flavour of the month right now, I could not resist doing a comic about it.

It seems EVERYONE is talking about it. The media are all over it, trying to dissect it’s good and bad points.
Parodies are popping up all over the place, youtube videos of chat roulette pranks are being posted as fast as people can make them, and images form webcams are posted everywhere.

Three of my favourites so far are:

> Jon Stewart Goes On Chatroulette

> The eye vagina (safe for work)

> Cat Roulette

It is a novelty that many have tried out and quickly realised that the anonymity and randomness of the connections that you get can enable them to be free (sometime far too free, I think) with their thoughts and bodies.
If nudity offfends, then Chat Roulette is NOT the place for you to be.

In fact, if you can go for 6 rounds without seeing a penis or some boobs, then you are probably doing something wrong.

If you need to, go and check it out here.