New old ways

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The internet and computers used to be the great divider.

Old versus young.
Age versus experience.
Noobs versus non-noobs.
Mac versus PC.
Kirk versus Picard.

But now, thanks to social media, we once again have a platform that can unite us all via a common interest. COMPLAINING.
It is so easy now to bitch about how things are and moan about the good old days. (Sometimes, the “good old days” are as recent as 2001).

So I say we all embrace this. Let’s all complain about everything we can, non-stop.
I believe that we will eventually just run out of complaints and that will usher in a new world order.

Just don’t come complaining to me if I am wrong about that.


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The more things change, the more they stay the same.

People say they want changes, but when they are given what they ask for, the masses tend to react badly.
Often there are nasty comments, protest websites and aggressive facebook pages.

Common people don’t REALLY like change. They especially don’t like changes to how things work on the internet.
Which is interesting, since the internet is made to be an agent of change.

If nothing else, the internet does offer one thing to the masses that they are all happy about – it gives them a voice.

Sadly, the bad thing about the internet is also that it gives everyone a voice. EVERYONE.
Good , Bad or Uneducated and Ignorant.