New old ways

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The internet and computers used to be the great divider.

Old versus young.
Age versus experience.
Noobs versus non-noobs.
Mac versus PC.
Kirk versus Picard.

But now, thanks to social media, we once again have a platform that can unite us all via a common interest. COMPLAINING.
It is so easy now to bitch about how things are and moan about the good old days. (Sometimes, the “good old days” are as recent as 2001).

So I say we all embrace this. Let’s all complain about everything we can, non-stop.
I believe that we will eventually just run out of complaints and that will usher in a new world order.

Just don’t come complaining to me if I am wrong about that.

Mouse eggs

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There are some things that our kids will have no idea about.

This comic is a good example of this. There will be people who read this, who will not immediately know what it is about.
They never knew the simple pleasure of needing to pop the ball out of your mouse to clean it, and improve your computing experience.

Of course, this is not the only example of this. The speed at which technology moves means that many ‘modern improvements’ are just considered as the way things work, by younger generations.
The old “cassette and pencil” combination is already beyond many people.
Another old habit that kids see these days, and laugh at, is the “blow the cartridge” technique. (This still works well on so many things, by the way)

I am almost embarrassed to tell my children that in originally, to play the classic “Frogger” game at home, I used one of these in order to run this.

But, of course, until it is released as an online MMORPG with a 3D film adaptation and erchandising, my kids won’t know what FROGGER is anyway…

It's OK. No one on facebook liked him anyway.

Poke no more

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It's OK. No one on facebook liked him anyway.

The facebook poke is a funny old thing.

It does so much and so little. It is always there, but sometimes you just can’t be bothered touching it.
Some people absolutely love a good poke. They are up for it anytime – day or night.

For others, however – well, they tried it once and it just was not as satisfying as they had expected.

Will the poke ever go out of fashion?
Or will there always be people out there, somewhere, who will always be poking…?

That is not email

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Sometimes helping your grandparents get online is REALLY awkward…

The generation gap can really kick in hard when trying to explain modern convienience and protocols to the generations that have come before us.
Just when they thought they had it all worked out and had gotten used to doing things a certain way, the whole game changes.

Now, if they want to connect to their grandchildren, they need to be net-savvy enough to use facebook and emails.
It is a mighty task to undertake, but well worthwhile in the end.
After all, the extra learning that is needed to understand what you need to do will help keep the neurons firing in the brain. Research now tells us that using your brain to learn substansial new things, will help hold off possible onsets of alzheimers and dementia.

In fact, in 2009, the Facebook Demographics and Statistics Report showed that in the USA, there was a 513% Growth in 55+ Year Old Users on Facebook.
The fastest growing Internet User demographic in 2009 were between the ages of 70 to 75, and estimates state that over Fifity-five percent of these senior citizens are now online, most with broadband capability.

That is so cool and I applaud any aged person giving the online realm a go.
I also truly hope that our elders have the gumption to speak up online and tell the young and stupid where they are going wrong. Possibly, by way of a long meandering story with no real point to it.