Knot Dead

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What are you doing to prepare for the impending Zombie Apocalypse?

We know it is going to happen.
The bible predicted it in Isaiah 26:19 & Daniel 12:2.
Nostradamus predicted it.

Even the Discovery Channel believes in it, and they made a special called “Zombie Apocalypse” to try to warn the unsuspecting public.

There are plenty of guides online these days, regarding tips to surviving the rise of the undead, as well as groups of people out there that truly believe it’s only a matter of time before it happens – and they’re preparing for it.

So if others are getting themselves ready, you don’t want to be left behind, do you?

Uploaded to the cloud

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Language is a fluid thing.
Sometimes we make up new terms for things to make them seem cooler, nicer or more modern.
At other times, slang terms are created or annexed, to describe existing activities.

What we knew in one way even just a few years ago, becomes known in an entirely different way after a very short time.
“Cloud” is a good example of this. In a very short amount of time, the word that once made us initially think of fluffy white things in the sky, can now make is think first about data storage.

Another word that has morphed in understanding in recent times, is “hack”. This used to make us think of chopping away at something, but now makes us think of someone shady breaking into top secret computer databases.

I am sure there are many more examples of this out there, but I won’t discuss them here because I don’t like to talk about what has already happened.
Instead, I like to live on the cutting edge and make up my own new words.
And then when I use them, I make fun of other people who don’t know what they mean, often calling them crawfaxes or ziglabats.

That really confuses them.
People are such crimglassons sometimes….

Dead Wrong

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This comic was inspired by one type of hoax that has greatly benefited from the rise of the internet – hoaxes about celebrity “deaths”.
These hoaxes were around long before the internet existed, but they can now be spread far more easily spread and faster than ever before in the history of mankind.

In fact, more celebrity death hoaxes have been posted online in the past 3 years, than in all the entire history of the internet previously.*

At least every month, another celebrity will suddenly be taken long before their time, thanks to internet pranksters.
Luckily, nearly all of them are actually around to hear about it and have a good laugh at it.

Jeff Goldblum has actually been “net-killed” twice now. The most famous of these was the version announced as actual news by Richard Wilkins.
Just a few celebrities that also shuffled off the mortal coil – if you had believed Twitter & Facebook at the time –  were Britney Spears, Ellen DeGeneres, Miley Cyrus and P Diddy. As well, Harrison Ford was killed on a yacht, George Clooney died in a plane crash and Rick Astley was found dead in a hotel room.

These reports are often submitted in such convincing ways, that they are picked up by the mainstream press and run as real news.
People believe them and react grief-stricken until somebody in the media decides to actually check the source….

I think these hoaxes actually serve a purpose, as they make us stop and think before we take what the media is reporting for granted.
This can only be a good thing.

*Statistics sourced for the National Internet Bureau of Agent-X Stats and Make Believe factoids that can be put into posts. They are not real.