Knot Dead

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What are you doing to prepare for the impending Zombie Apocalypse?

We know it is going to happen.
The bible predicted it in Isaiah 26:19 & Daniel 12:2.
Nostradamus predicted it.

Even the Discovery Channel believes in it, and they made a special called “Zombie Apocalypse” to try to warn the unsuspecting public.

There are plenty of guides online these days, regarding tips to surviving the rise of the undead, as well as groups of people out there that truly believe it’s only a matter of time before it happens – and they’re preparing for it.

So if others are getting themselves ready, you don’t want to be left behind, do you?

Trick or Tweet

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Do you know who these characters are?

We don’t celebrate Halloween in Australia, but I wanted to do a special comic for the holiday, to suck up to for my readers from the USA to enjoy.

Halloween is a very foreign idea to us aussies and even though we do celebrate and embrace Halloween, we often decorate our offices & shops – mainly to try to cash in on it.
Halloween presents us with a great opportunity to make more sales by using the holiday to provide novelty themes and ‘holiday” specials on a vast range of products.

Yes, Halloween in Australia has all the retail angles covered, but lacks the love that I know so many Americans have for it.

Although, kind of in the spirit of things, we in Brisbane recently had our annual Zombie Walk.
Check out some pictures on flickr here and here.