Modern mating calls

Modern mating calls published on 4 Comments on Modern mating calls

Media influences our language, often bringing popularity to words or phrases which then become a part of the “normal” spoken language.
Social networks & online media is no different.

Many words that use today may come from social media or the internet.
Think about it
– Have you recently said you would ‘tweet’ something?
– ‘LOL‘ed at a joke
– told someone you were facebooking
– asked if you can ‘haz‘ something? (cringe)

These terms sneak in so gradually that it feels natural.
This is not a bad thing. It is certainly not a ‘FAIL‘.

The language needs to keep evolving, as it has done since it was created, in order to stay relevant and reflect what we experience in everyday life.

So, the scenario above is not that hard to imagine.
If you know someone who has tried using “cool” terms like this to pick up, please leave a comment below and dob them in. They deserve to be PWNED.


Evolution published on 6 Comments on Evolution

I truly believe that one of the reasons that I love the internet so much is because it is always changing.
Change does not scare me. I enjoy the opportunity to challenge myself and learn more by experiencing different things.

Just this week, a Yahoo and Bing have announced a collaboration that some feel may change the search engine landscape dramatically.
Some fear this change and others will embrace the new opportunities that are sure to arise from it.

Luckily for me, the comic I have done kinda, sorta fits into this theme.

I intended it to be a little commentary on how some social network users cannot wait to share every little detail of their lives. It could also be viewed as a comment about our reliance on technology to spread information.

But perhaps…
Just maybe…… is a funny comic about a fish, and that is all.

After all, as Homer Simpson so eloquently put it to Marge

“cartoons don’t have any deep meaning. They’re just stupid drawings that give you a cheap laugh.”

By the way – feel free to comment, or tell me what you think of my comics, or the lame posts I add under them. I am so starved of online interaction that I either get your comments or will be forced to return to *shudder* trolling myspace…

Why Crocodiles don’t use twitter

Why Crocodiles don’t use twitter published on 2 Comments on Why Crocodiles don’t use twitter

One day, my 4yr old son was explaining to me that since Crocodiles have really short arms, they can’t play computer games or do martial arts.

I guess that is also why we don’t see more of them on twitter or facebook….

I also made another cartoon based on this same conversation, which you can see on flickr.