Out foxed

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This cunning fox has been outsmarted again.

If you do not watch Dora the Explorer (sorry- I mean if your kids don’t watch it) then you will have no idea what this comic is about. To tell the truth – I kind of like it that way.

If however, not knowing is just eating you up inside, then this Swiper mega cut on YouTube may help you figure it out.


Those bad words

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This comic is my attempt to help out mankind.
I feel it is time to finally reveal the truth about how all those bad, unwanted and NSFW words end up in our browser cache.

The answer is simple – CATS!

The popularity of LOLcats and cats on the internet in general, has gotten us fooled into believing they are cute, cuddly and a little bit stupid. But that is just what they want you to think.

In fact, I believe that cats are the source of many of the problems in our world.
It makes perfect sense – especially when you consider that  “CATastrophe” is the word used for bad things that happen and it has the word “CAT” in it.
Co-incidence? I think not. More like a warning that we are ignoring.

I must stop writing now. My cat is watching me…………………………………..

Thundercats HO!

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Thunder! Thunder! Thunder! THUNDERCATS! HO!

I used to love yelling that, while watching Lion-o and the rest of the Thundercats battle against the evil forces of Mumm-ra.
It was an awesomely great cartoon, and fit snugly into the “Science fiction/fantasy/ action/adventure” genre of the mid 80’s, besideother classics such as M.A.S.K, Silverhawks, Starblazers, Robotech and Transformers.

These Saturday morning classics (and others) are truly responsible in their own small way, for shaping the world we live in today.
A generation of people grew up watching them and were taught the messages they preached.

Messages such as:
– Be tolerant of others and work to accepting their differences
– Never be afraid to stand up for what you believe in and fight oppression in all it’s forms
– Don’t fear technology.  Instead, try to understand how it can improve your life.

I can see that these sentiments and beliefs have been picked up by many others of my generation.
I am very glad of that and I thank cartoons for making me, and so many others, what we are today.

For those out there keeping count, this is my 100th comic created for Agent-X comics.

It is both disturbing & fitting that the comic above is the one that gets this illustrious honour.
The  idea came to me totally out of the blue while I was doodling and sort of forced itself to become the comic  above. I also kind of like the idea that it is a little wrong, but still funny.

So, anyway, now that the 100 comics  milestone has passed, I will get back to making some more funny pictures for you all to enjoy in the future.

Thanks for visiting my site and commenting when the mood takes you. I am always happy to hear that what I do manages to make people laugh. That feedback makes what I am doing have some value to the world.

Onwards to 200 comics!

Facebook Policy Maker

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The really sad thing is that this comic could easily be mistaken for fact.

It is old news now that facebook is in real trouble and whomever it is over there making the decisions on website changes & policy direction, is in serious need of an old school kick in the ass.
Facebook needs to decide very soon what they are going to do to address the unrest and mistrust that they themselves, have created within their user base.
Perhaps the entire business of facebook has just been one big scam to get data to onsell to advertisers? (or as they phrase it “create the open graph protocol for the web”)

Either that, or we are about to see the most the start of the new way that things work on the web, with facebook blazing the path for others to undoubtedly follow. THEY will tell you what you want, rather than listening to your requests?
Many would argue that some corporations and/or industries have been working this way for many years already.

Personally, I am just waiting to see what happens on May 31st, which is “Quit Facebook Day”. Sites such as QuitFacebookDay.com are encouraging you to Delete Facebook accounts on 31 May 2010, if you are fed up of Facebook and its privacy issues.

Facebook has already announced that their privacy settings system will be overhauled some time in the next few weeks, with CEO Mark Zuckerberg more recently admitting in an email exchange to “a bunch of mistakes”. Will these overhauls actually happen?
Possibly, but I think it will not be in the way that the general public are expecting.

Will the mass deletion of accounts really occur?
Yes, I believe some people will make a display of deleting their facebook accounts, but the QuitFacebookDay site shows only around 15,000 committed to this at the time of writing this post. This is not about 0.03% of the total number of facebook users.
If I were a betting man, I would say that I expect at least 45% of the users that delete their accounts on facebook to be back there again in less than 3 months.

So, I look forward to seeing what will occur. Let’s hope it is truly memorable and positive.