Beware the master

Beware the master published on 3 Comments on Beware the master

The Google-Fu is strong with this one…..

“Google-Fu” is a disciplined mastery of search techniques using Google. A true google-fu master possesses many secret and awe-inspiring keyboard moves that allow him or her totally mastery of the browser and grants ultimate access to the most obscure data.
If you have strong Google-Fu, you can be a truly valuble asset to any organisation or your friends.
The same dark skills also make you a scourge to anyone that claims to have original ideas, but which have actually been sourced from anywhere online.

With the rise of Bing, the Google-Fu master now has a yin to their yang.
There is no official term for a master of Bing, that I am aware of (possibly no masters exist yet). So, I have coined the term “Bing-Do”, to compliment the “Google-Fu” terminology already being used.

It seems that mastery of these two opposing mystic arts may one day bring balance to the interwebz and the wielder of their mighty secrets.
Or, if used for impure purposes, it may be the cause for the downfall of the entire online world!

Either way, as long as there are explosions and maybe a car chase, I will be fine with it!