Dodgy Karate

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Ever had the feeling that you were being had?

The rise of the internet has allowed many unscrupulous people to suddenly become “experts” in a particular field and being touting themselves as the perfect source of knowledge for you to follow.
They tend to target industries in which the general public do not have a great deal of knowledge regarding what the profession actually even does, let alone what is required to become an expert. Professions such as Search Engine Optimisation, Web Design, Online marketing & Social Networking.

One industry that I have had experience with, and which is also prone to many fake professionals, is the world of Martial Arts.

If you want to, you can begin a martial arts school, or even an entire style, overnight. Certifications can be faked, made up or even just purchased online.
The “Master” of the art may have no formal qualifications of experience, yet appear to be a long time practicioner.
This creates a very dangerous environment for anyone that then decides to train with these “Masters” as they can get ripped off or seriously injured.

He who is taught only by himself has a fool for a master.
~ Ben Jonson

Often, these fake Martial art schools are simply a pyramid scheme, designed to make the founder as rich as possible is a very short time.
A common technique is to fast-track students through to being a teacher themselves, often with the purpose of starting their own schools and starting the process all over again.

It is a shame this occurs, be it in the Martial Arts or in any industry, as all it serves to do in the long run is to breed mistrust with the general public and confusion over what that profession or industry could truly offer them.

If you take the time, and think about the information you receive when speaking to any “expert”, then you should eventually work out the true ones from the fakes.
After all, “A man who has attained mastery of an art reveals it in his every action.”