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Is this the man of 1,000 faces? No, not quite…..

When I thought up this comic, I checked to see if it had been done before.
As far as I have been able to tell, this piece of absolute comedy gold has not been used before! Amazing!
It is such as easy joke to make, that it makes me wonder why it has not been done before?

My theory on this is that all the funny people out there (you know, the ones who are super ultra cool & really “get” twitter) are busy making hilarious new words with a “TW” at the front of it.
For example:
twalking: walking while twittering via text
twake-up: tweeting as soon as you wake up in the morning, mostly before performing any other morning ritual
twelp: asking for help
twerfew: a self-imposed time of night after which no more tweets are allowed
tweetypo: a typo in a tweet
twleep: state resembling sleep

Ha ha ha ha ha ha !
Oh, ok… Let me just wait until you have goten your breath back after laughing so hard……

My issue with these kinds of terms is threefold.

  1. Most of these words are longer than the real word, so they actually take up additional characters in a tweet
  2. They are, on the whole, extremely hard to say and make you sound like you have a speech impediment when you attempt to drop them into conversations to display how cool & with-it you are.
  3. Using most of these words display just how uncool & out of touch with things you really are.
    (seriously – these “tw” terms are soooooo end of 2008.)

So, I hope my little rant has got you thinking.
Now can we move on and please stop regurgitating things tat were never really funny to begin with?

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