Inception – explained!

Inception – explained! published on 2 Comments on Inception – explained!

INCEPTION is the hit movie of the season right now.

It is a fantastic movie, but there have been reports that many people who have seen it, are having a hard time grasping the story.
Recent news reports state that around 45% of movie goers are seeing the movie again, just to try to figure it out.

So, to help all those people out, I have prepared this executive summary of the movie for you.
This will also be of use to those who are too cheap to spend the money to see the film, or are simply to busy to go.


In an odd co-incidence, this comic is being posted on the same day as the 71st anniversary of the movie “The Wizard of Oz“.
This seminal musical Hollywood hit is loved by millions around the world.
This comic was inspired from the final scene in this film, where Judy wakes up, surrounded by her family & friends and says “It was all a dream”.

In fact, this is so coincidental, that I am wondering if this is real, or am I stuck in a dream?