Doubledown Fail

Doubledown Fail published on 9 Comments on Doubledown Fail

Fast food is not always a winner.

If you have not yet heard of the KFC Doublebown, then go and check it out here –

This is just another in a very long line of consumer foodstuffs that are produced to get a market reaction.
The companies claim these items are produced based on customer requests – which is a really scary thought.

I want food that I can eat without getting an ill feeling before I even finish it, please.
And there is already plenty of online evidence to prove that this is exactly what happens.
Just have a read through the posts of those that have already been brave enough to try this thing.
(I would call it a burger, but I am not sure that is the right word.)

This thing scares me probably even more that the fabled “McGangbang” burger, because lots more people will try a Doubledown, I believe.

Oh well. People need to make their own choices.
I will just sit now and wait for the “Doubledown sufferers” wards to start opening in hospitals everywhere this is sold……