Doubledown Fail

Doubledown Fail published on 9 Comments on Doubledown Fail

Fast food is not always a winner.

If you have not yet heard of the KFC Doublebown, then go and check it out here –

This is just another in a very long line of consumer foodstuffs that are produced to get a market reaction.
The companies claim these items are produced based on customer requests – which is a really scary thought.

I want food that I can eat without getting an ill feeling before I even finish it, please.
And there is already plenty of online evidence to prove that this is exactly what happens.
Just have a read through the posts of those that have already been brave enough to try this thing.
(I would call it a burger, but I am not sure that is the right word.)

This thing scares me probably even more that the fabled “McGangbang” burger, because lots more people will try a Doubledown, I believe.

Oh well. People need to make their own choices.
I will just sit now and wait for the “Doubledown sufferers” wards to start opening in hospitals everywhere this is sold……


OMG just looking at that McGangbang makes my arteries clog up.

Am I wrong for wanting to take a bite out of the Doubledown, just to see if it actually tastes decent?

I love how they say it is only 560 calories. The 40 grams of FAT seemed to get missed.

Did you take a field trip to the casino to get that background shot??

Where are the rest of the people in this casino? And any person with half a brain knows that kfc isn’t a monetary unit to be traded with, mustache not withstanding.
Quite frankly, I’m not believing that dealers vest either. A cat on a couch would really boost this cartoons believability.

Also, can you please do a cartoon about my favourite band ever – Bluejuice?!! They rock so hard.

Honestly, what’s the big deal? People don’t even think twice about a doublecheeseburger. This is just that, but done with chicken, and you can get the chicken done breaded or unbreaded, or one of each.

The equation for creating a double down is as follows.

Start with (chicken club sandwich + extra chicken – bun) x (way more hype than is warranted, all if it from people clamoring about how “unhealthy” it must be) = KFC doubledown..

If you’re willing to eat at a fast food restaurant at all, then you have no business commenting on the lack of health in eating a KFC doubledown.

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