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At first, emails gave people a way to recycle old jokes. Now, the internet increases that capability exponentially.
I still get sent “hilarious” emails and links to “new jokes” that I have already seen at least 5 times, over the course of the past 8 – 10 years.

It seems that it simply takes this long for some people to finally be sent the gag.
And as soon as some people see that joke, they think “Oh, what a simply brilliant piece of comedic hilarity! I MUST share this with everyone in my email address book and/or all my facebook friends.

I propose that the respective governments of the world combine their forces to create a team of specialists, whose sole purpose is to tag all the jokes on the internet with a creation date. That way, when you get something funny, you can see how old it is.
If the date of creation exceeds 8months, then you would know that sending this “joke” on to all the people you are connected to online it probably not necessary.
Instead, select a few people that you are at least 80% sure would not have seen it before,and just forward it on to them.

All jokes over a certain age should than be retired from doing the rounds online, and used again ONLY in emergency or nostalgic situations.

This plan of approach – which I have called the “Comedic Retirement Initiative” (C.R.I.) – is a sure fire way to make the interwebz and email channels of the world much more enjoyable for all who enter them.

NOTE: Any joke that can clearly be classified as a “Dad Joke” is excluded from the C.R.I.
Dad joke :  Definition |  Working examples

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