Personal Hells

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I believe that every lazy marketing manager is slowly creating their own special personal hell in the afterlife.

Lord knows, they are putting enough of us through hell up here, when they use the same old boring online techniques and promotions.
The Internet is such  a wonderful and powerful beast, that it should be inspiring you to stretch your imaginations and try new things.

Online marketing needs to stop just using online channels, and begin to really USE online channels.

Website Gag

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At first, emails gave people a way to recycle old jokes. Now, the internet increases that capability exponentially.
I still get sent “hilarious” emails and links to “new jokes” that I have already seen at least 5 times, over the course of the past 8 – 10 years.

It seems that it simply takes this long for some people to finally be sent the gag.
And as soon as some people see that joke, they think “Oh, what a simply brilliant piece of comedic hilarity! I MUST share this with everyone in my email address book and/or all my facebook friends.

I propose that the respective governments of the world combine their forces to create a team of specialists, whose sole purpose is to tag all the jokes on the internet with a creation date. That way, when you get something funny, you can see how old it is.
If the date of creation exceeds 8months, then you would know that sending this “joke” on to all the people you are connected to online it probably not necessary.
Instead, select a few people that you are at least 80% sure would not have seen it before,and just forward it on to them.

All jokes over a certain age should than be retired from doing the rounds online, and used again ONLY in emergency or nostalgic situations.

This plan of approach – which I have called the “Comedic Retirement Initiative” (C.R.I.) – is a sure fire way to make the interwebz and email channels of the world much more enjoyable for all who enter them.

NOTE: Any joke that can clearly be classified as a “Dad Joke” is excluded from the C.R.I.
Dad joke :  Definition |  Working examples

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You really need a hint? The webs on the computer and title on the presentation don’t help out?
Ok, if you REALLY need a hint, go here, you can find one here.

Masters of Business

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He-Man. Master of Business
I really like drawing He-Man and his pals.
The absolutely ridiculous amount of muscle on him and the other “Masters of the Universe” make them lots of fun to sketch.
I have a feeling there will be more “Masters of Business” to follow this one.

Facebook Policy Maker

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The really sad thing is that this comic could easily be mistaken for fact.

It is old news now that facebook is in real trouble and whomever it is over there making the decisions on website changes & policy direction, is in serious need of an old school kick in the ass.
Facebook needs to decide very soon what they are going to do to address the unrest and mistrust that they themselves, have created within their user base.
Perhaps the entire business of facebook has just been one big scam to get data to onsell to advertisers? (or as they phrase it “create the open graph protocol for the web”)

Either that, or we are about to see the most the start of the new way that things work on the web, with facebook blazing the path for others to undoubtedly follow. THEY will tell you what you want, rather than listening to your requests?
Many would argue that some corporations and/or industries have been working this way for many years already.

Personally, I am just waiting to see what happens on May 31st, which is “Quit Facebook Day”. Sites such as are encouraging you to Delete Facebook accounts on 31 May 2010, if you are fed up of Facebook and its privacy issues.

Facebook has already announced that their privacy settings system will be overhauled some time in the next few weeks, with CEO Mark Zuckerberg more recently admitting in an email exchange to “a bunch of mistakes”. Will these overhauls actually happen?
Possibly, but I think it will not be in the way that the general public are expecting.

Will the mass deletion of accounts really occur?
Yes, I believe some people will make a display of deleting their facebook accounts, but the QuitFacebookDay site shows only around 15,000 committed to this at the time of writing this post. This is not about 0.03% of the total number of facebook users.
If I were a betting man, I would say that I expect at least 45% of the users that delete their accounts on facebook to be back there again in less than 3 months.

So, I look forward to seeing what will occur. Let’s hope it is truly memorable and positive.