The terms of separation

The terms of separation published on 3 Comments on The terms of separation

Significant change happens to us all.
Sometimes we see it coming, and other times in pounces on you, like an overactive 4yr old from a trampoline.

We often prepare for things as best we can, by writing wills or deciding who gets custody of the plasma TV & Playstation.
But in this modern age, there are now other things that we need to be aware of when life changes tap us on the shoulder and says “OK, your turn!”

If you died tomorrow, what happens to your facebook or twitter account? (Don’t worry about the Myspace account. No one wants that).

Which of your kids inherits your WOW account, or is allowed to access the media server?

Who gets the iPhone and the passwords to your iTunes account (and free reign of the app store)?

Start thinking people! These things will not take care of themselves!