Timely post. I gave a presentation to a group of about 70 small business owners the other day. It seems to be the thing to do when promoting an event saying that “our guest speaker is a social media guru.” Having read this several times, I had to add a slide in that addresses the term. Dig through the presentation and check it out. It says “Ditch the Guru. Hire a professional.”


Great post, my friend. I always love your work.

Great to hear that you are also promoting the message, Oran.

The real question though, is will they get it and actually “ditch the guru”?
The other message I wish they would get, is that using a friend / son / neighbours son, etc to build a professional website (just because they said they can do one and will only charge a few hundred dollars) will probably end in tears.

Sad thing is that there really are internet police… at least where I am~
Try being in a country that has heavy internet censorship… Damn the GFW!
I can almost imagine the ‘internet police’ coming over to catch me now for saying this…. and for my futile efforts in just trying to access FB…. *sigh*

There’s no place like home…. (Oz)
Thx for the great comics~ they really brighten my day!

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