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Another reason not to put everything online.


There are just some ideas that should never be put into an online environment.

I think Scratch & Sniff is a perfect example of times when an idea in the real world really doesn’t need to have a digital version.

If you don’t believe me, take a wander through the People of Walmart site.

Other things that do not need to be online are:

– Anything to do with Snorks or Schmoo

– More youtube videos from Boxxy or Chris Crocker. (no way am I linking to those)

– Sites that advise you how to make clothing out of bacon.

Oh, and before you ask about it – Yes, Hypercolor DID make it’s way online, unfortunately.

It was just renamed “MYSPACE”…….



Aussie Comic Recommendations:

During the week, I became aware of this cool Aussie cool, created by Jen Breach and Trevor Wood.
It’s called Sawbones Online, and I suggest you check it out.

Also, you should take a look at a few of these aussie comics.
I will be posting many more of these in the future, but for now, go and take a look at these two strips:

Riverside – By Rhys McDonald

Showman? – By David Blumenstein


Way to perpetuate the “fat people are smelly” lie there dude.

Otherwise it would have been an awesome comic.

I was only intending on making fun of the people that appear in the ‘People of Walmart’ site.
It just so happened that the pic I used worked well for the gag, as he has his butt facing out.

I think fat people perpetuate the fat people smell “lie”. But i’m sure some skinny people reek as well.

Michael, I have let this comment through, as I am sure you are not meaning it to be derogatory, but rather mean it to be a response to the earlier comment.

If anyone else wants to comment, though, please be aware that I do not want this comic’s comments thread to become a slanging match or become an attack on people’s size.
The comic was not intended to make fun of the size of a person AT ALL.
Hopefully, I have made this clear, with my previous response.

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