Together Forever

Together Forever published on 6 Comments on Together Forever

Man! This comic really kicked my butt trying to finish it.

There was an idea in my head that I played with and changed so many times, to try to make it appear in a comic format.
The hardest part was making Rick Astley actually look like Rick Astley, and not a redheaded Elvis.

I think I have managed to create a pretty good likeness, but I leave it up to you, the readers, to decide if I did a good enough job.
And if you feel I can do better, well leave me a comment below.

No – I won’t not be changing the comic, so you are stuck with it. But I do know how the interwebz love to have a go at things, so go for it.

Also, if you have any comments about the lameness of the joke in this comic, then please refer to a previous statement I have made about that topic in this post.


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