Modern Proposal

Modern Proposal

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Modern Proposal

Social media sites and the internet have forever changed how we view modern relationships.
Altering your relationship status on facebook can be as nerve-racking as asking someone to spend the rest of their time with you IRL. (in real life)

When a couple allows the world to see that they were no longer on the market, it is an important step.
For some couples, the “something blue” tradition in the wedding process can even refer to the colour of the facebook logo, as they choose to change their relationship status together on the day of their marriage.

Together Forever

Together Forever published on 6 Comments on Together Forever

Man! This comic really kicked my butt trying to finish it.

There was an idea in my head that I played with and changed so many times, to try to make it appear in a comic format.
The hardest part was making Rick Astley actually look like Rick Astley, and not a redheaded Elvis.

I think I have managed to create a pretty good likeness, but I leave it up to you, the readers, to decide if I did a good enough job.
And if you feel I can do better, well leave me a comment below.

No – I won’t not be changing the comic, so you are stuck with it. But I do know how the interwebz love to have a go at things, so go for it.

Also, if you have any comments about the lameness of the joke in this comic, then please refer to a previous statement I have made about that topic in this post.