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You can level up in a game, but not in real life.

If you play games a lot, you need to remember the following things:

  • Just because you are the most awesome guitarist in Guitar Hero, it does not mean you can automatically rock out on the real thing.
  • If you can get the lowest stroke count in Wii Golf, then don’t think you can join the PGA tour.
  • Resident evil is not a training film to help you handle the pending Zombie Apocalypse.
  • Wasting all the bad guys in Splinter Cell will not make you a master of espionage.

Oddly though, Mario Kart WILL teach you how to drive. Go on – Give it a go!


Ummm Wasn’t there a report just recently that a guy used his skills from WOW to save his sister and then himself from a moose? I seem to remember he “taunted” then “played dead.” I guess he was a Shadow Knight or whatever they call them in WOW

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