Pew! Pew! Science Cowboy!

Pew! Pew! Science Cowboy! published on
Science Cowboys Rule!
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The random doodle for this week is an example of a character type that I feel we do not have enough of in modern literature.
I am talking about the “Science Cowboy” of course.

Just picture how much more awesome the world could be if this type of character existed in novels, films or games.

I imagine him as be a ‘cool hand luke’ type of dude, who wields homemade laser pistols and a degree in advanced mechanics, astronomy and biochemistry!
An unstoppable gunslinger with a pocket protector, who will save you herd from rustlers and then test your soil salinity, all without a pause.

And then calmly rides off into the sunset on Trigger. (That’s the name of his segueway…)