Psycho Joe

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Psycho Joe
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This is Psycho Joe.
Psycho Joe hates pretty much everything and everyone. He makes no apologies for anything he does and he attacks everything with maniacal gusto.
He has one friend – his knife, “Chucky”.

He is a character that a friend and I created when we were in high school, and I thought that he really needed to be drawn again.During our school years, we drew Joe and even created a Psycho Joe comic. It was full of hate, blood and cucumber sandwiches.

I created a few min-comics when I was younger, and now that I feel I have the artistic ability to do it justice, I am contemplating redoing the Psycho Joe mini-comic and I may release it sometime in the future.

Pew! Pew! Science Cowboy!

Pew! Pew! Science Cowboy! published on
Science Cowboys Rule!
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The random doodle for this week is an example of a character type that I feel we do not have enough of in modern literature.
I am talking about the “Science Cowboy” of course.

Just picture how much more awesome the world could be if this type of character existed in novels, films or games.

I imagine him as be a ‘cool hand luke’ type of dude, who wields homemade laser pistols and a degree in advanced mechanics, astronomy and biochemistry!
An unstoppable gunslinger with a pocket protector, who will save you herd from rustlers and then test your soil salinity, all without a pause.

And then calmly rides off into the sunset on Trigger. (That’s the name of his segueway…)