Agent-X recommends these cool comics

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Here are some recommendations of cool new online comics to read.
There are many great comics available online these days, but finding them can be difficult. I often stumble across some really fantastic stuff during by internet travels and I decided that I should be sharing them with others.
So, I intend to be supplying you with two or three (maybe more) online strips to check out each week. I hope you enjoy them and you discover something you like along the way.

Go now, and check out:

Max Overacts
Max Overacts is a strip by Caanan Grall, who is an Aussie cartoonist, currently residing in Toronto, Ontario. He also creates the strip ‘Celadore’ over on Zudacomics.
But on his site occasional comics disorder, he also shows off new comics he is developing.
The current strip is “Max Overacts”, which about a boy named Max, who displays unbridled optimism on his quest to be the next greatest thespian.

Dracula vs. King Arthur is a very original medieval tale of Camelot, but with vampires thrown in. It’s the kind of story that you never knew you wanted to read until it jumps up and bites you on the neck. Very simply, the plot line, is that Dracula is sent back in time by Lucifer, to Camelot, to face off against King Arthur and The Knights of the Round Table.
This online graphic novel is written by Adam and Christian Beranek. Teaming up with Chris Moreno, who creates the sublimely good artwork, this strip is a masterpiece in the making.

Got a strip you think I should know about? Then leave me a comment below.

Pew! Pew! Science Cowboy!

Pew! Pew! Science Cowboy! published on
Science Cowboys Rule!
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The random doodle for this week is an example of a character type that I feel we do not have enough of in modern literature.
I am talking about the “Science Cowboy” of course.

Just picture how much more awesome the world could be if this type of character existed in novels, films or games.

I imagine him as be a ‘cool hand luke’ type of dude, who wields homemade laser pistols and a degree in advanced mechanics, astronomy and biochemistry!
An unstoppable gunslinger with a pocket protector, who will save you herd from rustlers and then test your soil salinity, all without a pause.

And then calmly rides off into the sunset on Trigger. (That’s the name of his segueway…)