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Aquaman is often called the worst, or most useless, of all the mainstream superheroes.
He is the butt of many jokes in TV Shows & an comic books.
Even the Batman: The Brave & The Bold animated series portrays him as an arrogant buffoon.

I think a big part of the problem is that his PR person went against the idea of creating a theme song for him.
I can see why though. I mean, have you ever tried singing underwater?

Aquaman speaks out

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Aquaman speak out about the BP Oil spill
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It seems that nearly everyone has an opinion about the recent Oil Spill disaster in the Gulf Of Mexico. It is a terrible disaster that is going to impact many people and kill thousands of animals.

I imagine that no-one would be more vocal about it than Aquaman, the king of Atlantis.

Seriously, how pissed off would he be right about now?
All his sea-life friends will be getting sick.
His food from now on will always be oily, no matter what he eats.
And even worse, oil stains are an absolute bitch to remove from spandex!

Trust me. I know all about stains in spandex……..