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Aquaman is often called the worst, or most useless, of all the mainstream superheroes.
He is the butt of many jokes in TV Shows & an comic books.
Even the Batman: The Brave & The Bold animated series portrays him as an arrogant buffoon.

I think a big part of the problem is that his PR person went against the idea of creating a theme song for him.
I can see why though. I mean, have you ever tried singing underwater?

Batman's next challenge is teaching Supes to put URLs directly into the address bar, and not the Google search.

Super Undo

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Batman's next challenge is teaching Supes to put URLs directly into the address bar, and not the Google search.

I have been told that there are some people who won’t understand this comic.
Although that is nothing new for me, I thought it might be good to explain this one a bit.

The joke in this comic is based on a very iconic scene, from the first “Superman” movie, which starred Christopher Reeve in the role of Superman. Lois Lane gets killed when her car falls into a hole created by a massive earthquake. She dies, buried in her car in the desert. After finding Lois Lane dead, Superman flies around the Earth’s perimeter so quickly that it reverses the planet’s rotation. After time has rewound to an appropriate point, Superman returns the planet to its original direction.  Lois is now alive again, as are the others who may have perished in the earthquake, and he can then save her before the accident occurs.

You can see the clip of this here:



Hot Handset

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Ghost Rider.
Sure, he may be a superhero, but he suffers the same technology issues as normal people.

Overheating handsets is nothing new. Older mobiles used to do it a lot. And the new smartphones of today have their own overheating problems too.
And there are many possible reasons why mobile phones / smartphones will overheat.
With all of the technology and components packed into these modern marvels, you have to expect some output to be undesirable.

So what are the reasons they overheat? They are many and varied. Experts & technicians will have a plethora of reason on why these devices may have temperature spikes at times. But I think that this response I found online is the best one ever, when addressing this issue:

Q: Why do cell phones overheat?
A: Because you use them to much.

Simple. ’nuff said.
If you have read this far, then you obviously have nothing better to do.
So, in that case, I will share something with you that I have just come to realise :
I have a sub-theme of comics developing, which depict Superheroes having issues with modern techology and adjusting to an online life.
Ok, so there are only six of them so far but I am sure there will be more to follow.
>>If you want to check them all out, you can see them all here.

Thundercats HO!

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Thunder! Thunder! Thunder! THUNDERCATS! HO!

I used to love yelling that, while watching Lion-o and the rest of the Thundercats battle against the evil forces of Mumm-ra.
It was an awesomely great cartoon, and fit snugly into the “Science fiction/fantasy/ action/adventure” genre of the mid 80’s, besideother classics such as M.A.S.K, Silverhawks, Starblazers, Robotech and Transformers.

These Saturday morning classics (and others) are truly responsible in their own small way, for shaping the world we live in today.
A generation of people grew up watching them and were taught the messages they preached.

Messages such as:
– Be tolerant of others and work to accepting their differences
– Never be afraid to stand up for what you believe in and fight oppression in all it’s forms
– Don’t fear technology.  Instead, try to understand how it can improve your life.

I can see that these sentiments and beliefs have been picked up by many others of my generation.
I am very glad of that and I thank cartoons for making me, and so many others, what we are today.

For those out there keeping count, this is my 100th comic created for Agent-X comics.

It is both disturbing & fitting that the comic above is the one that gets this illustrious honour.
The  idea came to me totally out of the blue while I was doodling and sort of forced itself to become the comic  above. I also kind of like the idea that it is a little wrong, but still funny.

So, anyway, now that the 100 comics  milestone has passed, I will get back to making some more funny pictures for you all to enjoy in the future.

Thanks for visiting my site and commenting when the mood takes you. I am always happy to hear that what I do manages to make people laugh. That feedback makes what I am doing have some value to the world.

Onwards to 200 comics!