Those bad words

Those bad words published on 2 Comments on Those bad words

This comic is my attempt to help out mankind.
I feel it is time to finally reveal the truth about how all those bad, unwanted and NSFW words end up in our browser cache.

The answer is simple – CATS!

The popularity of LOLcats and cats on the internet in general, has gotten us fooled into believing they are cute, cuddly and a little bit stupid. But that is just what they want you to think.

In fact, I believe that cats are the source of many of the problems in our world.
It makes perfect sense – especially when you consider that  “CATastrophe” is the word used for bad things that happen and it has the word “CAT” in it.
Co-incidence? I think not. More like a warning that we are ignoring.

I must stop writing now. My cat is watching me…………………………………..