I can haz Lasagne?

I can haz Lasagne? published on 3 Comments on I can haz Lasagne?

I wonder how may cats have been taken to Vets since the 1980’s, with blockages due to being fed lasagne?

This comic was inspired by my wife’s cat, who often watches me as I clean the litter box.
He has this look in his eyes that I am pretty sure equates to him silently laughing at me.
If I could read cat thoughts, I bet he is thinking something along the lines of “Yeah, you may have opposable thumbs, but who is in charge NOW, huh?”

Of course, if I could read cat’s thoughts, I might be able to blow the top off the whole LOL cats conspiracy.
Oops, gotta go now.  I have already said too much…


Catastrophe published on 2 Comments on Catastrophe

I have often wondered just how difficult it is to make some of those “random” and “impromptu” videos we see on youtube.
Sure, they seem like a case of right place and right time. But some of them also seem just a little too staged.

Personally, I like to believe there is a crack team of highly trained cinematography geniuses, who are extremely adept at making movies that look home-made, who roam the world creating these things.

But maybe I am the only one that thinks that?

Those bad words

Those bad words published on 2 Comments on Those bad words

This comic is my attempt to help out mankind.
I feel it is time to finally reveal the truth about how all those bad, unwanted and NSFW words end up in our browser cache.

The answer is simple – CATS!

The popularity of LOLcats and cats on the internet in general, has gotten us fooled into believing they are cute, cuddly and a little bit stupid. But that is just what they want you to think.

In fact, I believe that cats are the source of many of the problems in our world.
It makes perfect sense – especially when you consider that  “CATastrophe” is the word used for bad things that happen and it has the word “CAT” in it.
Co-incidence? I think not. More like a warning that we are ignoring.

I must stop writing now. My cat is watching me…………………………………..