One more thing

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A tribute comic to Peter Falk.

This comic was something that came to me after hearing the news of the death of Peter Falk on June 23rd, 2011.
Peter was most famously known for his portrayal of Lt. Columbo on TV.

I used to love watching Columbo when I was younger and I believe that even though Peter ended up being very typecast after playing this role, he made it his own. It is a truly unique character and one that I believe will never be able to be done as well as the original.
(I feel the same way about Christopher Reeves portrayal of SuperMan)

There are very few actors today that could end up in a hit TV show that ran for so many years, especially if they had a glass eye.
(At the age of three, his right eye was surgically removed due to cancer.)

As well as an actor,Peter was also an artist. A man of many talents, who never let anything stop him.

It was terrible to think that Peter did not even remember his time as Columbo, due to dementia in his later years.
And although I am saddened by the news of his passing, I will be happy that he taught me a very important life lesson when growing up – keep asking questions until you figure out the answer.

Oh, and just one more thing…..

Locating Waldo

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Not everything fits with these modern trends.

Location apps are so popular right now, that sometimes it is really scary to think about.
People willingly advertise where they are and then, of course, some opportunistic wierdos use that info to stalk them and generally be douches.

There are reports being posted all the time, about people being harrassed, attacked or robbed, due to the fact that they have told the world where they are.
It already has it’s own special terminology too. FOURSTALKING.
Have a read of this article, (Fourscared and Fourscammed) which relates some alarming stories of Fourstalking.

For many people, it seems that simply using common sense is an impossibility, when telling the entire planet what you are doing and where you are going.
My favourites are those users that add their own houses to Foursquare. If I were criminally minded, I would know exactly when to rob your house, because you tell me when you are not home. Brilliant!

Perhaps the only way to sort things out is to make the Foursquare Cops a reality?
I wonder how long it will be until we have legal legislation against certain online location based activites.
Maybe not soon enough…..

Whoa! A very strange and totally coincidental occurrence has just……um…occurred.

As I am posting this comic, I took a look at the very latest “My Cardboard Life” strip, which is created by the talented Philippa Rice.
(Also known as @thejuzzard on twitter).

With absolutely no prior knowledge of my comic subject, she has just posted a strip which also has WALDO! Check it out here

Seriously, how weird is that?