Begging for it

Begging for it published on 3 Comments on Begging for it

I think you can guess how I feel about Kickstarter from this comic?

Sure, it allows some really cool, inventive items to receive funding to be created. But is also allows really useless ideas to get money too, just because they get friends or celebrities to spruik it. This then makes it a popularity contest, not a fundraiser.

Often, things will get funding far above their worth and creates a “false economy” for items of a similar type that try to follow those successes (which personally frustrates the heck out of me).

Personal Hells

Personal Hells published on No Comments on Personal Hells

I believe that every lazy marketing manager is slowly creating their own special personal hell in the afterlife.

Lord knows, they are putting enough of us through hell up here, when they use the same old boring online techniques and promotions.
The Internet is such  a wonderful and powerful beast, that it should be inspiring you to stretch your imaginations and try new things.

Online marketing needs to stop just using online channels, and begin to really USE online channels.