The twitter bird in real life

The twitter bird in real life published on 12 Comments on The twitter bird in real life

The twitter bird intrigues me.

It has been chosen as the mascot for an extremly powerful micro-blogging system, mainly due to it being small, cute and fun. It implies communication and anticipation. Some say  it’s the perfect choice for Twitter.

Then I began to think about what it would be like if the twitter bird was an actual bird.

I think you will agree that if it was real, it would be very annoying.

Twitter Birds in Real Life This comic has been pretty popular, and I tried to get this printed onto a Threadless t-shirt. However, the votes were not high enough to get this to happen.So, forget that – I will just let you get the shirt directly from here.

Now everyone can easily purchase one and get stick it to Threadless at the same time!

Please also feel free to request any of my comics on a shirt, and I will be happy to make them available in the store.


El pájaro de twitter en la vida real [Humor] [EN]…

Traducción: [c&p] Se ha elegido como la mascota de un extremadamente potente sistema de microblogging, principalmente debido a su pequeño, lindo y divertido. Implica la comunicación y la anticipación. Algunos dicen que es la opción perfecta para Tw…

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