FailWhale gets a second job

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It seems everyone is doing it tough these days.
Many good people are losing their jobs, or having working hours reduced, forcing them to look for alternative income sources.
I sometimes wonder what “Faily” does when we don’t see him floating around in the chauffeur-driven corporate tweet net.

The last few months have been tough for so many people. I know some really talented people who have been retrenched, from many different industries, over the past year, through no fault of their own.
In fact, I was one of these people myself.

During my absence of permanent salary, I did whatever I could to keep the money coming in.

I also used my extra “free time” to get back into my drawing. This really helped me to stop the feelings of frustration & uselessness that unemployment can bring.

Another thing that helped me during this time was my virtual cadre of friend on services such as twitter. Interaction with them really helped me to feel like I was still connected to the outside world.
Eventually, I even found work through twitter – freelance at first, and finally a permanent role as Project Manager with ireckon.

I am not on twitter to get the most followers, be the most re-tweeted, or to become a local/international twitter celebrity. I just do it because I can be me and make my own choices of who I listen to or respond to.

The cartoons that I draw and post on this website, at the moment, serve multiple purposes for me. They combine my passion for drawing and lame gags, with my love of what social media can offer.

I just hope to make you laugh and think. I enjoy making the comics, so I hope you enjoy reading them.

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